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REFSQ 2021
Mon 12 - Thu 15 April 2021 Germany

REFSQ’21 will host an online event for Graduate Students who are currently conducting research projects or master theses in the field of Requirements Engineering (RE). The main goal of the event is to promote and disseminate graduate students’ research projects and ideas in the field of RE. In particular, the objectives of the graduate students’ event are:

  • Promote a forum where graduate students can join the requirements engineering community, with the opportunity to explore what other RE researchers are currently investigating.
  • Facilitate a space where graduate students can share their research with other colleagues, so they can spread their ideas, collect feedback, and find new synergies.
  • Allow graduate students to experience what it means to be part of a research community, as well as exploring if a PhD career is a next career step.

Together with the Doctoral Symposium, we will hold a shared event where PhD and graduate students can profit from each other’s experiences. During the graduate students’ event, we will hold different activities where students will interact and share their research ideas with each other and the RE community.

This event is open to all students who are not yet enrolled in a PhD, but who are conducting research projects, are writing a master’s thesis, or have already graduated and wish to explore the possibility of staying within the research community. To participate, please submit:

  • One poster summarising your research project consisting of:
  • Catchy Title
  • Problem statement
  • Main goals and objectives
  • Current state of the research project and next steps
  • Indicate the name of your supervisor
  • A short motivation that explains why you think your paper is relevant and how you would benefit from participating as a presenter in the event.

Guidelines and recommendations for your poster preparation are presented at the bottom of this page. Submissions will be evaluated based on their relevance to the Requirements Engineering field and the motivation. We gladly accept submissions that relate to the special theme of the REFSQ’21: Ethics as a cornerstone of Requirements Engineering.

For further comments or questions, please contact the Graduate Students’ Event chair Marcela Ruiz at marcela.ruiz@zhaw.ch.

Please submit via easychair at https://easychair.org/my/conference?conf=refsq2021#

Poster preparation guidelines and tips

Main objective: Present research results while captivating attendees’ attention.

Some recommendations:

Design and layout:

-Make it obvious to the viewer how to progressively view the poster: from left to right, and up to bottom - Create individual panels to arrange the information that you want to present - Number the panels or connect them with arrows - Leave some open space in the design - Your poster will be displayed on a digital device. Take into consideration that a horizontal layout is easier to read on a computer monitor. In addition, make sure that your poster is readable on a monitor without zooming (please avoid small fonts).


  • Present numerical data in the form of graphs rather than tables
  • Remove unnecessary details
  • Use color to enhance comprehension, not to decorate the poster
  • Text and figures should be integrated
  • Each figure should have a brief tittle


  • Keep the text brief. Blocks of text should not exceed three paragraphs.
  • Introduce the study (what hypothesis was tested or what problem was investigated? Why was the study worth doing?)
  • Explain graphs and direct viewers’ attention to significant data trends
  • State and explain the interpretations that follow from the data
  • Conclude, you can use a bullet-point list
  • Include sections on future research plans or questions for discussion
  • Acknowledgements or important references


  • Simplicity is KEY
  • Before designing the poster, create a list of the graphs or information you want to use. Write the text after you have created the list of graphs
  • Before the poster session, rehearse a brief summary of your project. Many viewers will be in a hurry and will want a quick “guided tour” of your poster
  • Do not be afraid to show the weak points of your work, you can get valuable feedback!

Further notes

  • Be very creative! At the end of the poster session we will announce the “best poster award” selected by the audience. The winners will be happily rewarded 
  • To promote a nice environment, the presenters are encouraged to think out of the box. Do not hesitate to contact the Graduate Students’ event chair for further hints or recommendations
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