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REFSQ 2021
Mon 12 - Thu 15 April 2021 Germany

Today, artificial intelligence is more than just a buzzword. More and more organizations are investing in the development of corresponding competencies for the creation of new products or even entire business models. In this context, the question of how to perform requirements engineering for an AI-based system is probably an interesting one. However, I find it more exciting to understand how AI can also be used for RE. After all, RE is not an end in itself and any optimization of this discipline in terms of quality and efficiency is most welcome. But what is AI at all? Why does it make sense to use AI technologies for requirements management? And what are the strengths, weaknesses or even risks of such approaches for requirements engineering tasks? Based on my own experiences, observations, and insightful conversations, I will present some thoughts on AI in RE to trigger further discussions.

About the speaker

Dr. Sebastian Adam is Managing Director of OSSENO Software GmbH and responsible for product innovation and marketing. Before joining OSSENO, he worked more than 10 years as a consultant, scientist and team leader for requirements engineering at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE). Dr. Adam has assisted several dozen companies and has best practices in the introduction and implementation of requirements engineering across all industries. The challenges he experienced during this time have motivated him to promote the development of intelligent tools to automate and simplify RE.

Wed 14 Apr

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