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REFSQ 2021
Mon 12 - Thu 15 April 2021 Germany
Wed 14 Apr 2021 15:30 - 16:15 at Room 1: Essen - The Power of Design Decisions Chair(s): Stan Bühne, Anne Hess

We have arrived in a decade of design. The world is being designed more and more professionally by us, people, organizations and brands. Design means the benefit-oriented side of the design - and thus also the profitable side. Designers are in the truest sense of the word doer - they are those who act entirely in accordance with the respective goals and the order. Designers are also increasingly being involved in the actual creation and discovery process of disruptive business ideas, as they often have the appropriate analysis and working methods to uncover the so called ‘unmet customer needs’. We designers increasingly recognize the power of the unconscious decision of our counterpart and use it – only for the success? At this point, everything is not just a question of can, will or must - it is also a question of ethics and morals and “whether or not”.

About the speaker
Holger Bramsiepe, 52, is a successful industrial designer, entrepreneur and strategic systemic consultant with great networking experience since 30 yrs. His company GENERATIONDESIGN is working in different branches with a holistic and multidisciplinary design and consulting portfolio. With the creation of iconic innovation methods and systems they lead their clients on the way to future success. His love is not only design as a strategy – he also like to teach and discuss the “core” of designing as a human competence. Holger Bramsiepe is also founder of the FUTURE DESIGN AKADEMIE, located in Dornbirn, Austria and Wuppertal. The aim of this venture is to give “future” a new chance to get better by teaching design skills to companies and organizations related to a new sustainability thinking and acting.

Wed 14 Apr

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